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Smart card supported by V8X

Please share your successfull case of smartcard on V8X.

Tivusat CAID 183E the gold one. Thanks Peu-geot 207
Tivusat CAID 183D. Thanks avalanche
Viacess 3.0 CAID 0500 for HRT 16E (EMM not OK). Thanks Peu-geot 207
Viacess V6.0 CAID 0500 for SRG SSR 13E. Thanks dishwasher
Conax CAID 0B01 for TNK 13E. Thanks Sławek
Seca CAID 0100 for CYFRA+. Thanks Sławek
VideoGuard CAID 09AC for Malaysia Astro. Thanks zamizal
Irdeto CAID 0602 for Telekarta TV. Thanks kladovchk


The currently tested machine can use these CA Cards. If you find that they can be used, but we don’t have a card included here, please leave a message.

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