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What do you think GTMEDIA.CC Official Website?

Doubts on the GTMEDIA website?

Many people still have doubts about our website, thinking that there is no platform security to buy things on our website. Worrying about delayed delivery and buying fake goods will have doubts. When you enter the store, you can see that the sales volume and praise rate are not as high as other platforms, and the price is not too much.

Why does our website exist?

Because we are a well-known brand and we are committed to serving our customers. We leave the platform to make our own website to give our customers more protection.
It is specifically embodied in:
1. Delivery service: Generally, the delivery is one working day after the order is placed.
2. Logistics services: provide different levels of logistics, and the scope of delivery has been expanded.
3. After-sales guarantee: One-year maintenance period is protected, and if there is any problem with the machine within one year, you can come to us for after-sales.
4. Professional customer service: Provide direct contact services including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instgram, Message, Email, etc. to solve problems in multiple dimensions.
5. Complete product range: All GTMEDIA brand products are covered, so you don't need to spend more energy to find our products.


Why is the review rate of our store not high?

Many customers quickly received our products and verbally praised our products through other contact methods. The review procedure on our website is a bit complicated, and more customers are willing to express their love directly. As the official store of the GTMEDIA brand, we are committed to being a platform for customer service.

V8 UHD customer reviews?

Outer packaging with brand logo:

Foam packaging, beware of product damage:

Outer packaging with product function introduction:

Customer's mood and evaluation after receiving the machine:

What do we think after receiving the comments?

We encourage customers to leave comments on our shop, but we hope you will be happy after receiving our products. And we will work harder to deliver this joy.

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