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What's sat2ip

What is SAT2IP ?

Traditional satellite programs can only be watched on TV. Later, you can cast popular and good-looking programs on the mobile phone to the TV to watch through the mobile phone screen, but sat2ip can not only cast the mobile phone programs to the TV to watch , It can transmit the programs in the satellite box to the mobile phone to watch.

What needs to be done to realize this function?

First, you need to download the gtplayer software on the phone, and then connect to the account on the set-top box through gtplayer, and use it at the same time in the same network.

What is its function?

With this feature, you‘ll’ no longer need to grab the TV with your family in the living room, and you can also enjoy the drama-chasing time alone in the room.You can also watch videos on several phones at the same time.

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