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If you have any product problems, technical problems ,payment problems ,order problems, you can leave us a message, our company is ready to serve you at any time, thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Technical problems:

1. Don’t know how to use the machine?
If you don’t know our products very well, you can find out how to use the product by consulting the manual. Our manual is in multiple languages for your convenience; you can also use the simple interface of the machine in our YouTube video Introduction, learn to use the machine. If you want to know more about our machine, you can go to our forum to discover the hidden functions, or contact our customer service to take the video to you.

2. Encountered difficulties during use ?
If you suddenly find that the machine is different from before, or there is a problem with the machine. You can take a video to the online customer service and show the specific situation in the video. We will provide you with a solution; if it is a machine quality problem, during the warranty period, we will provide you with repair services for free; if it is out of the warranty period, the customer will pay for shipping, and we will also provide free repair services.


Payment problems:

1. Payment method: Currently we only support PayPal payment.

2. Payment Failed: If you encounter a problem during the payment process, you can directly connect to the online customer service to solve it.


Order problems:

1. Product received with wrong: If the product you received does not match the product you bought, we will replace the product for you, and we will be responsible for the freight.

2. Package received missing something: If the product you received is different from what we showed, and some accessories are missing, we will reissue it to you.
Other after-sale inquiry: If there is a problem with the quality of the machine you received, please provide a valid video. If the situation is true, we will reissue it to you (the freight will be borne by us during the period). If you don’t like our products, we promise to return it within seven days (return The freight is borne by the buyer)

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